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JF Kitchen
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Founded in 2006, JF Canada Inc. is an expert in customized “residential" and "commercial" furniture and countertops, with its products covering display cabinet, front desk, office cabinet, dining and bar cabinet, kitchen cabinet, bathroom cabinet, cloakroom cabinet, TV cabinet, fireplace unit, bookshelf and wall cabinet, etc.

We undertake cabinet customization for the whole house, including for kitchen, bedroom, living room, dining room and washroom. JF equipped with the state-of-the-art Italian production line, which adds automation, intelligence, and refinement to the manufacturing process, and our company is in a position to ensure better performance in all stages of product fulfillment ranging from product design, manufacturing, transportation, installation and after-sale service.

We pride ourselves on our strong production capacity, excellent product quality and high customer satisfaction. We are constantly adhering to the business philosophy of “considerate design, meticulous work, continuous innovation and customer satisfaction.” JF cherishes quality as its lifeline, and the foundation for its market development, so we are committed to constantly improving the product quality, using the high-quality and environment-friendly materials to ensure that our customers have a pollutant-free living and working environment.

JF provides consumers with a genuine one-stop and personalized customization service, enabling them to fully experience the convenience and personality that furniture customization can bring. As an established provider of professional and intimate service, JF has maintained a healthy, stable and rapid development over the years. In the spirit of "Pursuit of perfection," JF has continued its path of innovation and advancement towards its final goal of establishing itself as a highly respected producer.

JF Kitchen
Unit 1
Scarborough, Ontario
M1P 3C8
聯系人: JF Kitchen
電話: +1 (416) 285-8883
郵件地址: jfcanada@rogers.com
網址: http://www.jfcabinetry.com
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