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Tutor Paul
電話: +1 (778) 861-9190 (聯系時請告知您是從 加西網 看到的信息, 謝謝)
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--我的目標簡單明了——通過有效和有效地理解主題並掌握測驗或考試的技巧和技巧,幫助學生在學校和公開考試(2024 年 5 月 7 日)中取得 AP 統計的最佳成績。


請隨時致電 778-861-9190 與我聯系。 請先發短信給我。 歡迎在壔蛴H自前來� 價格合理。節省$$$$!
專攻補習AP Statistics 統計校內及校外考試 。目標為本。

--An experienced university lecturer with over 30 years of teaching experience in Statistics at a university in Hong Kong.

--My goals are simple and straightforward – to help students achieve the best grade in AP Statistics in school and public examination (7 May 2024) by understanding the topics and grasping the techniques and skills in quiz or examination efficiently and effectively.

--Passionate, committed, responsible and goal-oriented
--Well-prepared and well-organized.
--Can speak English as well as Cantonese.

Please feel free to contact me at 778-861-9190 . Please text me first. Online or In-Person are welcome. Reasonable price .Save $$$$!!

Tutor Paul
電話: +1 (778) 861-9190
郵件地址: lookforward@gmail.com
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