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Pain Gone within Seconds Acupuncture
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Instant Pain Relief by Your Body's Magic Self-Healing Power with Acupuncture

Everyday in my clinic, I see marvelled faces of my patients with their excruciating pain gone within seconds after I inserted a few needles on their body, wowing “How come the magic!?” I always reply: there is nothing “magic” with those tiny needles, nor I had a golden touch. It is the self-healing power of your own body, evoked by my needles, that magically took your pain away within seconds.

 Looking for a natural cure for pain or other suffering? I can help. In my clinic, you will feel instant pain relief within 10 seconds (in 90% of cases) no matter where the pain is. Permanent relief possible in 4 - 10 treatments. Not just pains. Your anxiety, constipation, gastric reflux, allergies, arthritis, fibroids, post-stroke sequelae... could be naturally cured or alleviated within 1- 6 months of ongoing treatment.

Nature created your body. Nature encoded magic self-healing power into it. The question is, how can you quickly and effectively take advantage of that magic self-healing power for your particular ailment? With my needles, you can, which will evoke your body's own natural pain-relief / anti-inflammation hormones (endorphin, serotonin, dopamine ...) instantaneously to take effect targeting your particular ailment, thus the natural healing in your body kicks in on the spot.

Not convinced ? See me for a free trial to verify your own body's magic self-healing power evoked by my needles.

Pain Gone within Seconds Acupuncture
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电话: +1 (778) 317-2366
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