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eyelash extension training
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温哥华Aurea Beauty clinic,2019年3月份日式睫毛嫁接课程、韩式半永久纹绣培训课程招收学员中,课程设置七天。简单易学,零基础入门,私人小班授课,由Maggie老师亲自手把手,一对一辅导教学,第一学期没学会,第二期可以免费再学。适合留学生创业,家庭主妇自主创业,如果你想学习一技之长,并且拥有自己的home business,欢迎加微信或者电话咨询!加微信添加学习热线:778-822-2256 Maggie 老师 毕业颁发加拿大认可纹绣师证书,无隐性收费。毕业后指导学员创业及终身免费解答疑惑。睫毛嫁接课程内容:传统嫁接,3D嫁接、山茶花嫁接、朵毛嫁接、及下睫毛嫁接等.纹绣课程 学习内容: 丝雾眉,雾眉,线条眉,水晶唇,嘟嘟唇,美瞳线,魅惑眼睫线,粉嫩乳晕,发际线调整等。 7-Day Intensive Microblading Training Course This course is for individuals looking to learn about the art of Microblading and starting a business through our highly qualified technicians. COURSE FEE INCLUDES Microblading Kit All products that are to be used in class Student discounts on Permanent Makeup Products Training manual What is Microblading? Sterilization techniques Measuring eyebrows Eyebrow techniques Understanding pigments Client consultation Numbing agents Microblading procedure Aftercare The healing process Legal forms/documentation Starting your own business Useful links Products/services certificate

eyelash extension training
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Phone: +1 (604) 433-8851
(When you contact, please tell you see the information from 加西网)
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