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Heng pun Network Technology Co., Ltd.
Phone: +1 (893) 993-9908 (When you contact, please tell you see the information from 加西网)
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  质量和信誉是企业存在的基石。我们注重客户提出的每个要求,我们充分考虑每一个细节,我们积极的做好服务,我们努力开拓更好的视野,通过不懈的努力,我们赢得了业内的良好声誉,这一切,也不断的激励着我们更好的服务客户。 我们对网络产品质量提出了严格要求,确保用户能够获得优秀的网络设计。同时也证明他们所使用的产品具有出色的品质及完善的售后服务。

It is a high-tech Internet technology service company. With high-tech as the starting point, technology as the core and strong technical team as the support, the company is committed to providing high-tech network application solutions and value-added services for the government, enterprises and institutions. We have a high-quality R&D team and experienced customer service team, with first-class website construction, software development, information systems and e-commerce consulting, information technology solutions and other technical forces.

Quality and reputation are the cornerstones of enterprises. We pay attention to every requirement put forward by our customers, we fully consider every detail, we actively do a good job of service, we strive to open up a better vision, through unremitting efforts, we have won a good reputation in the industry, all these, and constantly encourage us to better serve our customers. We have made strict demands on the quality of network products to ensure that users can get excellent network design. It also proves that the products they use have excellent quality and perfect after-sale service.

Heng pun Network Technology Co., Ltd.
Phone: +1 (893) 993-9908
(When you contact, please tell you see the information from 加西网)
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