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班农被捕 自保出卖幕后金主? 瘟龟心慌 压倒骆驼最后稻草?
Teaching Professional Ethics
Nouns on the moral high ground
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Nouns on the moral high ground

2020-06-17 19:06:19
The opposition likes to show off some moral highland terms. When it comes to speculation, many people fall into the trap.

Political neutrality, these four words make people feel that they are impartial and commendatory, so civil servants do not say anything about black violence because of political neutrality. Singing Hong Kong solo songs on campus because of political neutrality, the police arrested the mob who violated the law and violated political neutrality...

But want to go deeper, should politics be neutral? Will it be neutral?

Politics must have a tendency. The Democratic Party or the Republican Party, the Conservative Party and the Labor Party. On which side do you stand, your politics is not neutral. Those who don’t stand by the side just stand in the middle and don’t pick up (can’t choose), or don’t know how to pick, don’t want to pick, and don’t like to pick. This kind of state is not called political neutrality. At most, they say that they are politically cold.

It is even more ridiculous to say that the police and civil servants want political neutrality. Touching the district emblem on the police cap and looking up at the Bauhinia sign in the office building, for whom are civil servants loyal? That is your political orientation. You can be very yellow-hearted and black, you can drink a big two cups with your friends and scold the government, but if you bear the status of a civil servant, you must be loyal to the country and the SAR government under the People’s Republic of China. With the benefits of the Treasury Salaries Government, you are not eligible for political neutrality.

Do you know who's portrait was hung by each government department 23 years ago? It’s the Queen of England. In the long live of my king, do Hong Kong people have the right to speak of political neutrality? It's really curious, when did the four-character spell begin? From whom?

Last year, at a civil servant anti-government rally, a former senior official Wang Yongping who was still holding salaries said: "Political neutrality was written by me, so I am qualified to say that you have not violated politics this time. neutral."

Wang Yongping, a former Secretary for the Civil Service, searched him to answer questions about political neutrality in the Legislative Council on June 9, 2004. He said this:

"Civil servants are politically neutral and include the following main elements:

(1) The political neutrality of civil servants is based on the responsibility of loyalty to the government;

(2) Civil servants should be faithful to the incumbent Chief Executive and principal officials;

(3) Civil servants must express their opinions frankly and clearly in the process of policy formulation;

(4) After the government makes a decision, regardless of personal position, civil servants should give their full support, put the decision into practice, and should not publicly express personal opinions;

(5) Civil servants should assist principal officials in explaining policies and seek support from the Legislative Council and the public. "
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