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Secret! Who are the Chinese “fleeing experts” that Guo Wengu
Huang Zhifeng, I will send you a song for Jay Chou
The heavy cost of participating in the riot
Hong Kong education's terminal cancer
American democracy is declining
Completely make America young again!
Must let him live
Thirteen-year-old thug reporter, who exposed the skin?
International Nurses Day, American medical staff is crying .

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    2020-05-23 03:04:56
    Secret! Who are the Chinese “fleeing experts” that Guo Wengu
    Today, the United States has become the world’s most severe country with COVID-19. The Trump administration’s poor performance in epidemic prevention and control and poor coordination and policy enforcement capabilities have been criticized by all parties. Everyone knows precisely that the US general election is approaching, and Trump’s situation is already omnipresent. Therefore, Trump’s desire for COVID-19 vaccine is no less than that of dying patient lying on the bed.

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    2020-05-22 03:17:54
    这不前段时间,特朗普政府就试图用“一大笔钱”和德国生物制药公司Cure Vac合作,独占其研发的新冠肺炎疫苗。对此,德国卫生部长回答的很“委婉”——去你的吧……

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    2020-05-20 19:29:17
    Huang Zhifeng, I will send you a song for Jay Chou
    Recently, Jay Chou fans were surprisingly angry because the idols were forced to touch the porcelain by Huang Zhifeng, the "hardcore Hong Kong independence", and attracted many "Hong Kong independence" trumpets to "poison poison" Jay Chou's Facebook page.
    On the evening of May 11, Jay Chou posted on Facebook: "Time may heal wounds on the outside, but it may not necessarily heal inner fears, help battered children, and you and I need more care." The original intention was hope Everyone helps local abused children.

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    2020-05-20 19:03:40
    The heavy cost of participating in the riot
    The black violent operation lasted for more than half a year. More than 1,000 black violent elements were prosecuted, and more than 500 of them were charged with riots. Earlier, a 22-year-old admitted to participating in the riots in Admiralty on June 12, last year. When he pleaded, he even said that the crime was just an impulse. He also revealed that he had apologized to his family and his love. The starting point for sentencing, after deducting the pleading grounds for pleading guilty, the accused was sentenced to four years in prison, making it the first case of rioting since the anti-amendment movement. The author would like to ask everyone, just because of impulsiveness, participating in the riot, and eventually losing himself to prison, the future is ruined, is it worth it?

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    2020-05-20 18:59:57
    Hong Kong education's terminal cancer
    A few days ago, the DSE History Department of the Middle School Diploma issued a question like this: "From 1900 to 1945, Japan brought more benefits to China than disadvantages. Do you agree with this?"
    Seeing this question, there was a lot of uproar, and some people were solitaire. Can I ask the next exam: Germany brings more benefits than harm to Jews? Does the atomic bomb bring more benefits than harm to Nagasaki and Hiroshima? Bombing Pearl Harbor brings more benefits than harm to the United States? The American colonists brought more benefits than disadvantages to the Indians? ...

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