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 101 Transit 评论 101 Transit搬运 于 2017-07-21 
Stress-Free on a Rainy Day

I would like to give a stellar review of your moving services!

My husband and I hired 101 Transit Movers for our move from Vancouver to Ladner based on the recommendations of many of our friends and family who have used them. Ricky was prompt in his replies to any emails with questions we sent, and he was also very flexible when we needed to adjust the start time of our move. He was also thorough in explaining the events and process of the move day, so we felt like we knew exactly what to expect and how to prepare for it. Ricky and Mark both helped to make our move day smooth and it went off without a hitch. They were careful to keep our belongings safe and dry during a morning rain storm, and they moved quickly to work within our time constraints. Their friendly yet professional demeanor through the move made a sometimes stressful process actually a lot of fun for myself and my husband, and I would highly recommend this company for any move services.

Thanks again for everything Ricky, you and your team truly made our move day pleasant and stress-free!

Rhonda & Jacky S
Saved Us Time and Money

Ricky and his team have been nothing but professional and courteous. Our organization have used him many times during the past couple of years with small odd moving jobs to larger moves involving multiple offices. He is quick to find ways to save our organization time and money. The crews packing skills are precise and orderly. We will continue to use him for any moving needs. Thank you Ricky!

Short Notice, No Problem

On the recommendation of other DCG members, we used 101 Transit movers. I called Ricky (101 Transit) with short notice - about a week before we needed to move - and he was very accommodating. Although Ricky was unable to come, he sent 2 of his guys, including Harry who was fantastic. They were great to deal with. Contact Ricky Wang, 101 Transit, 778-898-5865 or info@101transit.com. Thanks.

Julia V
Recommended Movers

BEST MOVER, EVER!!! 101 Transit 778-898-5865 Ask for Ricky. I have had absolutely horrendous experiences with movers, including having my goods 'held hostage' until I agreed to pay more money. Then I found Ricky. He is the greatest. I have given his name to numerous people and every one has called me back and thanked me profusely. You will never find a better, nicer, more honest mover than Ricky. Cheers,

Leanne, RubyDog's Art House
The Best in the West

Forwarding the recommendation l send to the Dickens Community Group and send similar one to the Livingston Community Group.A listing of 1500 people.Word of mouth is the best advertising you can't buy that , just good honest hard work brings results and you are the best in the west ,east and further.....You made a stressful situation, easier to cope with .You have a calm, fun and pleasant demeanor that reassures and inspires confidence.Thank you again Ricky.
Upfront, Honest Communication

l had a successful move with 101 Transit. Movers. Arrived on time, great communication skills, attentive follow up after the initial contact, good problem solving skills, pleasant , upfront and honest, steady and careful movers, no damage, reasonable priced, highly recommended, stress free move, Ricky gives useful advice on how to box and wrap, also what you can do to save time and thus money when moving. Another happy customer.

 RT88 评论 亚洲电讯 于 2017-02-06 
internet龟速不稳定,Voice Ip电话有杂音,delay,观看本地电台(Cipher TV app)有时画面住不然讯号就突然切断.
 Sean lee 评论 嘉枫地毯清洁服务公司 于 2016-06-20 
they advertised $99 for air duct cleaning. You end up paid more. They will persuade you to do another cleaning such as dryer or air conditioning. Don't waste money on so call air conditioning cleaning. it is a scheme spend 5 minutes and charged you $50. Warning
 thomassee116 评论 行香饼铺 于 2016-01-30 
我认为行香饼铺唔係假, 不过已经转左手冇以前咁好食,真正老闆娘Ann姐搬咗去Kennedy和Finch都好几年啦. 同埋而家佢哋都开咗唡间新铺在锦绣中华同旺角商垱。我三间都去过,老婆饼真係正!Ann 姐水準仲可以保持!
 Koerner 评论 大街小厨 于 2016-01-23 
噩梦一般的用餐经历:2016年1月22日,星期五,下班和娃爸,娃出去吃饭,懒的走远,来到家附近的中餐馆"大街小厨"。时间大约晚上六点半,店内只有稀稀拉拉几座,迎客的是个中年男子,看作派貌似是老板,也不甚热情的把我们安排到靠内的座位,娃爸给娃要了个high chair,老板却只愿意给booster,但是娃才两岁,我们坚持要high chair,老板不情不愿的给了,之后对我们爱理不睬,点菜之后等了半个小时,还是只上了我点的酸梅汤-超市原包装的瓶子加一根吸管。

因为店内实在不忙,三分之一的入座率都不到,所以我催了老板上菜一次,老板脸色更加凶恶。后来娃爸看到我们给娃店的小笼包,从后厨拿了出来,放在前台靠近他们泡茶的吧台,好几分钟,老板还是如没看到一样在慢悠悠的晃,娃爸就问:"老板,那是不是我们点的小笼包"得到老板万分不情愿的肯定之后,娃爸希望老板能快点上,因为小孩饿了。。。老板瞬间如同饿鬼俯身一样,大吼一声"别的桌都等半个小时了,我要去忙别的桌,你们为什么就不能等!fuck off!"…… 我大约是懵了,娃爸也懵了。。。我气的发抖的问"excuse me!"老板直接让我们滚。。。。我让他道歉,他状如疯狗继续污言烂语,一边让我们出去,一边又问我们要收酸梅汤的三块五,我说"你先让我们滚,语言下流,不道歉的话,我拒绝付钱。

 SHAW傲江湖 评论 Shaw 傲江湖 于 2015-12-15 
 吴昊国 评论 元亨投资有限公司 于 2015-06-22 
温哥华华人房地产开发商元亨控股有限公司正在积极抛售位于CAMBIE夹kING Edward的高档公寓CAMBIE·STAR。
 peterypao 评论 允安中医针灸诊所 于 2015-05-23 
我们共同努力,为你的整个家庭的所有在人生各个阶段的健康需求。我们的针灸师相信我们的病人提供全面的医疗服务在友好,轻鬆的气氛。我们也相信,在教育我们的病人,以达到最佳的的恢复。我们接受加拿大 ICBC,WCB,MSP,低收入和私营保险计划。



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