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ADT刚刚推出最新的限时特价活动,如果您对可视门铃、智能门锁或车库门遥控感兴趣,请联系ADT现职销售(总公司全职员工,非代理)Simon 604-787-4464,中文服务

ADT是加拿大最大的最专业的安防公司,提供24/7全天候防盗、防火监控服务,更有智能家居和视频监控系统。中文销售,可协调华人技师进行专业安装。 Simon 604-787-4464,服务大温地区


 emily cao commented ADT智能安全系统 on 2018-12-19 
温哥华ADT 现职中文销售:Emily Cao 电话:778-773-0458;604-358-3215


温哥华ADT智能安全系统 免费中文估价

温哥华ADT智能安全系统 免费中文估价

 emily cao commented ADT智能安全系统 on 2018-12-19 
温哥华ADT 现职中文销售:Emily Cao 电话:778-773-0459;604-358-3215


温哥华ADT智能安全系统 免费中文估价

现公司地址搬至:#201-15957 84 Ave Surrey, BC
 marytung3 commented 新辉屋顶 on 2018-04-06 
very bad service, no repose , my house had a new roof change 2 year ago but still have some shingles peeled off all the time doning this period. and i tryed to contact them and fixed , but the shingles still coming peeled off than i call again and they had no respond and block my phone # very bad job and after self service . im strongly Not recomments the company.

 bluesky1234 commented 海外冷暖水电修理 on 2018-03-05 
*correction to my previous post: he gave us a 2011 used water heater (not 2009)
 bluesky1234 commented 海外冷暖水电修理 on 2018-03-05 
This guy is a complete FRAUD. BE AWARE PEOPLE! DISHONEST man with NO credibility and integrity. My dad hired him to install a new water heater as our old one was leaking, he came and installed an old, used water heater from 2009. When my dad found out and called him, he agreed to come and change it to a new one but he failed to show up. We tried calling him over the course of 2 weeks, his phone automatically goes to voice mail after a few rings. He's clearly dodging our calls. We have reported him to BBB and will be reporting him to CRA.

 Carol Bailey commented 林佑苍家庭医师 on 2017-08-29 

对病患及家属, 说话态度粗鲁,非常不尊重.


 rctech712 commented 宝星屋顶 - 林先生 on 2017-08-26 
I just had my roof done by Bao xing Roofing. I'm impressed by quality of work displayed by these guys. They arrived early and were already on the roof by 8am. It took them a matter of 40 min to completely removed the old shingles and around 2 hrs give or take to install new shingles on a 2000 sq feet house. There weren't any shortcuts - just a lot of hard work. They even replaced my cracked down sprout absolutely free. As far as total cost to replace my singles, it wasn't the lowest but it was a lot lower than those 5 other roofing companies I spoke to offered. Yes I could have gone with the lowest bidder but two of my family members used these guys years ago and they are quite happy with the results. I trust my family and in the end I feel I made the right decision to use Bao Xing roofing. One other thing I'd like to mention is, the day I called Bao Xing for estimate, unlike other companies that go 'hopefully next week", the owner texted me right away and next thing you know, he was already outside of my door -- He took the toll highway 407 and drove from Markham to Mississauga in rush hours. I was just blown away by his professionalism. He wanted my business and he got it. Thanks again Bao xing rofing.

 101 Transit commented 101 Transit搬运 on 2017-07-21 
Fast and Hard Working

I would like to recommend Ricky of 101 Transit, worked hard and fast to help us move house last year. And he was reasonably priced too. Ricky's email address is

Geoff B
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