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Ambry Interiors
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Ambry Interiors為中小型家庭項目提供歐洲系統的家具。從裝飾到廚房和家庭裝修,Ambry Interiors都是一站式服務,用於計劃,設計和執行。我們熱愛優質的設計,並且匯集了一批能體現這一點的設計師。我們歡迎任何設計想法,並且可以與您和您的設計師一起創建一個能反映您的生活方式的住所。我們是一家注重價值的公司,我們以可實現的價格提供高質量的歐洲產品。我們以客戶為導向,平易近人和周到。沒有室內設計師嗎?我們還與我們的內部設計師提供免費服務。

Ambry Interiors provide European systems furniture for small to medium sized family projects. Anything from decor to kitchen and home renovations, Ambry Interiors is a one stop shop for planning, design, and execution. We love good design and we bring together a ray of designers that reflect this. We welcome any design ideas and can work together with you and your designer to create a home that reflects your lifestyle. We are a value oriented company where we provide high quality European products for an attainable price. We are customer orientated, approachable and attentive. Don't have an interior designer? We also offer complimentary services with our in-house designer.

Ambry Interiors
Vancouver, British Columbia
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電話: +1 (604) 418-8793
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