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¸绪Aurea Beauty SPA2018·ѵγѧԱУγ졣ѧţ˽СڿΣMaggieʦְ֣һһѧһѧûѧᣬڶڿѧʺѧҵͥҵѧϰһ֮ӵԼhome businessӭ΢Żߵ绰ѯ΢żѧϰߣ778-822-2256 Maggie ʦ ҵ䷢ôϿʦ֤飬շѡҵָѧԱҵѽɻ ѧϰݣ ˿üüüˮུͫߣȻ۽ߣΣߵȡ 7-Day Intensive Microblading Training Course This course is for individuals looking to learn about the art of Microblading and starting a business through our highly qualified technicians. COURSE FEE INCLUDES Microblading Kit All products that are to be used in class Student discounts on Permanent Makeup Products Training manual What is Microblading? Sterilization techniques Measuring eyebrows Eyebrow techniques Understanding pigments Client consultation Numbing agents Microblading procedure Aftercare The healing process Legal forms/documentation Starting your own business Useful links Products/services certificate

绰: 1 (778) 822-2256
(ϵʱ֪Ǵ Ϣ, лл)
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