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Operation Manager_Online Education_Vancouver_UBC/SFU


Epass Internet Technology Learning Corporation is an online educational platform for assisting Chinese students to transition smoothly into Canada’s rapidly evolving educational environment. Our purpose is to provide highly engaging, tailor-made learning programs for our students, that will provide them with the relevant knowledge and skills to succeed not only in the subjects they are enrolling in the university, also their future academic journey.

Epass Internet Technology Learning Corporation 是一家网上教育平台,旨在帮助中国留学生顺利的适应加拿大快速的教育环境。我们的宗旨是为我们的同学提供高质量,贴近大学上课内容的教学内容,并因此可以提供给他们相关的知识和技能,不仅仅可以轻松应付考试,也为他们未来的学业打下良好的基石。
We expect you
Join our young, dynamic team with your passion, building strong relationship with our partners to further push and grow Epass. We are looking for a big-picture thinker with creative and innovative ideas and a detailed-doer who can implement the projects in an efficient and effective manner.
You are a liaison who has been within the Education world and understands how educational and creative partnerships will help establish a thriving function within an organization. Through prospecting and nurturing, you will bring in new accounts and maintain our ongoing engagement strategies.

If you are:
- Passionate about helping others through education
- You have experience working in the education field, including tutor, operation, related marketing activities.
- Self-starter with strong sense of accountability.
- Familiar with online education platform
- 热情并愿意通过教育帮助其他人
- 如果在教育领域有一定的经验,包括老师,运营或者相关市场经验
- 自我驱动并且富有责任心
- 熟悉网上教学平台
• Big picture thinker with a passion in Education and Tech
• 1+ year of experience with Education or related field (e.g., marketing implementation, promotion, operation)
• Basic understanding on maintenance of the online platform.
• Understanding of education-based marketing and communication is a plus
• Ability to analyze quantitatively, dive deep into the details, and problem-solving
• Embrace and promote teamwork > including experience sharing, market knowledge, and etc.
• Experience with Salesforce
- 有大局观并对教育和科技有热情
- 一年以上教育或者相关行业经验(例如 市场推广,促销和运营)
- 对于网络运营有基本的认知
- 熟悉教育行业的市场和沟通为更佳
- 能够量化的分析数据,深入细节并且解决问题的能力
- 能够参与到团队工作中去,包括经验分享,市场知识等
- 有一些销售方面的经验

Your accomplishments would be from:
• Executing roadmaps for new opportunities and mission-driven special initiatives
• Managing the pipeline for growth opportunities and hitting the numbers for Epass's growth
• Hands-on collaboration with Marketing for effective performance-based marketing and program awareness
• Build enterprise-level playbooks and SOPs for seamless execution amongst internal teams (such as Operations, Student Success, Online courses)
• Develop a quarterly plan in support of Epass's strategy and objectives
• Working alongside our Academic team to design course offerings for our students.
• Working alongside our senior manager on various proposals
• Be Epass's ambassador, representing us everywhere at various events from industry to tradeshows to nurture Epass's prospects and community
- 对新的机会提供执行方案,并为公司的特殊项目提供支持
- 为EPASS的增长提供管理的机会
- 和市场部门紧密合作并提供高效的市场方案
- 为公司制定优良的SOP
- 制定季度方案并配合EPASS的战略和目标
- 和学术部门紧密合作并设计课程服务于我们的同学
- 和资深经理一起制作并执行各种合作方案
- 作为EPASS的大使,在各个场合代表EPASS出席各种相应的市场活动
If you are interested in this role, please apply directly on this page with your CV and cover letter. We aim to get back to you within a week to confirm if you have passed our initial sift.

Epass is an equal opportunities employer and welcome applications from all.
EPASS 是一个公平的雇员,我们欢迎所有的申请!

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